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I recently had the gorgeous D in the studio,  they say things come in threes, she was moving house, going on holiday and getting married all in the space of a few months but seemed to take it all in her stride!! I am just glad we managed to get her booked in as her shoot was AWESOME!! 

What’s your relationship like with yourself and your body?

It has always been a rollercoaster for me, I have always suffered with low self esteem and had a hang up with being curvier than the friends I grew up with. Even before kids my relationship with my body was never a positive one. After having two kids I have spent a lot of time trying to ‘lose the baby weight’ and exercising to try and gain some confidence back. Another big issue for me Was to find myself sexy again and not just see myself a mum! 

All of us never see ourselves how we really are, throughout the shoot I show you how you look on the back of the camera and every time I get ‘wow, is that me?’ HELL YES!! 

What were you nervous about before the shoot?

 Being in underwear in front of another person and baring parts of my body I often feel quite negative about. For me, I’ve always had issues with my legs and worried I was going to be flashing cellulite and wobbly bits on camera. 

It is completely normal to be nervous before a shoot, It is a hard task showing up not only to have your photo taken, which most of us don’t like having but also being half naked!! My job is to make you as relaxed and make it as easy as possible! Once you arrive you get to meet myself and one of our lovely MUA’s, we get to have a relaxed chat about you, how you feel, your outfits, makeup, looks and I explain everything to you and how it will work.  I let you know I never push you to do anything you are not comfortable with, I talk you through everything as we do the shoot, I do all the poses first and make fun of myself so you feel completely at ease. Once you have been in hair and makeup and had some pamper time it will make you feel gorgeous and like yourself again…. as we all never get enough time to pamper and feel good. So by the time we do the shoot you will be feeling amazing! By the end of the shoot you will be a natural and want to do it again! 

Describe yourself in three words!

Strong, stubborn, optimistic

What’s your biggest achievement 

I would say having my two kids is my biggest achievement. It amazes me what my body has done and how wonderful and beautiful my little boy and girl are.  

How did the experience compare to your expectations?

It was a lot less nerve wracking and it was surprising how quickly Amalia made me feel at ease. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but i could tell I had made the right choice to have my shoot with her. Nothing felt sordid and it felt like everything was sexy but tastefully done. 

Did the shoot make you feel more confident?

During the shoot and afterwards I still felt quite unconfident about my body. However, once I saw the photos it certainly gave me more confidence and helped me see myself possibly more how my fiancé sees me and I felt very sexy. I also felt confident enough to share my photos with some friends and my sister as I couldn’t believe the pictures were me! I have recommended it to all my friends as Great confidence booster! 

If you had the chance again what would you do differently?

I think I would stop worrying so much about whether there was a roll of fat here or cellulite showing and be a bit more experimental. I think it would be much more relaxed to do it again and I would possibly be brave enough to do some more shots like the art nude shots. 

D’s shoot was AMAZING! I am so honoured that she chose me to book her boudoir experience with and let me share some of her stunning photographs and story with you all. I wish her every success with her family and the wedding and hope to see her again in the future! 

x o x o 

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