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I am often asked ‘What should I bring to my boudoir photoshoot?’

It’s always best to bring too much rather than too little. Your boudoir photoshoot experience should be a fun, enjoyable one. To avoid any stress that can be caused by unexpected wardrobe malfunctions, forgot items or wrong outfit choices, I encourage my clients to bring as many outfits and accessories as possible. Having worked for many years within the fashion industry, I can help pick out pieces that will compliment various backdrops and sets so bring as much as you can and let her work my magic.


It is a good idea to begin picking out outfits and accessories at least a few days before your boudoir photoshoot. I strongly advise my clients to do a mini dress rehearsal before attending the photoshoot to ensure that you feel comfortable about your body and the pieces you will be posing in. If there’s something you haven’t worn for a while, take a few moments to make sure that it is still as well fitted and flattering for your body type as you remember. You’re Secret Exposure experience should leave you feeling confident and sexy so if your outfits are looking a little tired and not making you feel your best, perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a little shopping trip prior to the shoot.


If you dye your hair and you are starting to see regrowth, it’s worth getting your roots touched up a few days before your photoshoot. Remove any unwanted hair from your body on the day of your photoshoot, if possible. I want you to cherish your photographcs for years to come so a little preparation to ensure you’re looking your best on the day of your photoshoot is very important. Taking care your nails and makeup will also make your photographs more beautiful.


Some women can be tempted to use fake tan before a boudoir photoshoot to get a sun-kissed glow but this can lead to some very unnatural and unattractive skin tones. If you do want to appear more tanned in your photos, I can give you a healthy looking, natual glow during her photo editing process.


The best thing you can do to give your skin a youthful, healthy glow if to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will also keep you feeling fresh and energetic, especiall under the heat of the studio lights. I will of course offer you a welcome drink once you arrive but it is also a good idea to drink plenty of water prior to the shoot.


Tight fittind clothing and jewellery can leave undesirable dentations on your skin and, although I can work wonders during the photo editing process, it is always best to avoid these by wearing loose fitting, comfortable clothing before your photoshoot.


I think it’s safe to assume that most women would rather curl up with a hot water bottle and a bar of chocolate at certain times of the month than pose for any type of photoshoot. To ensure you’re feeling and looking your best, I suggest booking a photoshoot for after the stomach cramps have passed and you’re feeling your normal self again


A question I often get asked is ‘what should I bring to wear to a boudoir photoshoot?’

It’s a great idea to search for inspiration before your shoot and discover what you love the look of. My favourite places to find inspirtaion are Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is amazing for creating vision boards, just set up a board and start pinning your favourite pieces. For a more polished appearance, use your board to tie the entire look together with a colour scheme that compliments your skin, hair and eye colour. Check out my pinterest boudoir inspiration boards!

Colours can make a huge difference to any picture, so pick out a pallete that will help to portray the mood that you are after. Dazzle like a Jewel – bold colours like red, emerald green or dark navy create a sexy, elegant feel.Pretty in Pink – soft, pastels or pinks give a very sensual, femine look.Pose with Passion – dark purples or reds can give a really sultry, sexy appearance.A Touch of Class – classic black, nude and white are always safe bets as they will look great on any backdrops and with most colourings.Shimmer and Shine – Gold, silver and bronze metalics can add another dimension to your look and really pop on dark backdrops.

Let’s Talk About Style- I love sets with suspender belts and waspies as they are great for showing off curves and also hiding bits! You will need to think about what stockings or hold-ups you might want and what look it will give. Classic black, nude or fishnets look great. Bodysuits and playsuits always look stunning and can be as revealing or covering as you want. Pretty lace robe cover-ups and negligee’s are great laying pieces, and can are a great way to introduce different textures and fabrics.The most important thing when buying your outfits is to make sure they fit you perfectly. As it needs to flow over your shape seamlessly, not digging in and creating any unwanted bulges or being too gaping and baggy. Properly fitting underwear will also make you feel more confident and sexy and it will come across in the photos.At the boudoir studio I have quite a few accessories including: ties, mens shirts (which look so sexy with heels!) masks, lace ties and blind folds but it is nice for you to think if there is anything unique you might want to bring along as we are trying to make your shoot as unique and personal to you as possible.I think it’s nice when my clients have completely contrasting outfits – one really pretty and one more sultry, the whole naught and nice boudoir look! or contrasting colours as it gives you more diversity in your images and can create such different moods/looks.

Some of my favourite shop for boudoir outfits are:

Victoria Secret has some really nice quality pieces, great for sets and body suits, its a good place to stock up when they have a sale. Ann Summers is a favourite of mine and my clients! it’s great for all different styles and their prices are affordable.For love and Lemons have stunningly pretty pieces, a little bit more pricey but worth it!H & M great sets and they are quick on new trends for the value.Agent Provocateur love! love love!! but they come with a hefty price tag but if you can afford it or wait until there is a sale then you will pick up some amazing pieces.Boux Avenue have seen some nice bits from them and affordable.Asos is great as they have a big collection to suit all budgets and are fast delivery if you need them asap!!Etsy great for unique bits but make sure you make sure they will arrive in time! Vintage shops are great for finding unique items to add to your outfits!

Happy Shopping!! xx.

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